Preliminary preparation and tagalog to english translation can seriously help you to calmly answer interview questions and pass it easily. We are not talking about memorizing answers to questions, after all, everyone has their own story. But the preparatory work will give you a chance to avoid stressful situations and have a basis for answering a particular question.

Carefully read your resume, read the information about the vacancies of the company. Think about the relationship between your strengths and weaknesses and the job offer.
Recall a few of your most important strengths worth mentioning in past work experience, which may be the most special and competitive among applicants, as well as the experience most relevant to the current job.
During the interview, keep answering questions flexibly, don’t memorize the script, and try to answer different questions in a unique way, find the best answer.
English and korean to english speaking skills do not need to be accurate, but the answer should be fluent and confident so that the interviewer can understand what you want to say.
Clothing must comply with the company’s requirements: if there are no special requirements for clothing, your appearance should be casual and decent, and should not be too casual or provocative.

Arrive early for the interview, not at the last minute. Arriving early for an interview will help you avoid being late due to possible force majeure situations.