Success Stories: How Multilingualism Opens Doors

As a monolingual English speaker, I used to think learning another language would be nice but not that useful in reality. However, the more global my work became, the more I witnessed colleagues fluent in multiple languages rising quickly through the ranks. Their multilingual skills clearly enabled unique opportunities. Curious if language proficiency could also […]

Why We Forget Our Mother Tongue If Not Spoken

It’s a distressing sensation – struggling to find once familiar words, stumbling over simple sentences that used to flow easily. For those separated from their native linguistic environment for years, losing grip on a childhood language can be an unnerving experience. Even for the elderly, skills in a first language learned decades ago can mysteriously […]

Translation as a Profession: Characteristics and Requirements

Translation is a great vocation, filling the void between speech and culture, so that man and companies in this world can easily talk to one another. When dealing with international business, literature, law, healthcare technology, and others, it always calls professional translators to make it happen for international interface. This article explores the unique aspects […]

How to prepare for an English interview: important points

Preliminary preparation and tagalog to english translation can seriously help you to calmly answer interview questions and pass it easily. We are not talking about memorizing answers to questions, after all, everyone has their own story. But the preparatory work will give you a chance to avoid stressful situations and have a basis for answering […]


In English texts and translating arabic to english, the hyphen is much more common than in Russian. There are cases where the use of a hyphen is mandatory, and there are cases where it is desirable to write a hyphen, but there are no rules requiring it. In addition, some cases are unambiguous and understandable, […]

The opinion of psychologists about early learning foreign languages

What recommendations do child psychologists and educators give regarding teaching English to young children and translate english to russian? Firstly, most experts do not advise starting to learn a foreign language until the moment when the child has thoroughly mastered his native language, i.e. will communicate freely. The earliest age at which it is recommended […]


The language of love – this is how it is often expressed when it comes to the French language and english to french. French speech has always stood out for its melodiousness and subtle sound. Now French is one of the three most common languages ​​on the Internet. It is recognized as official in 29 […]

Features of the German language

Compound nouns. The attraction of the German language to long nouns and english to germany is almost legendary. Agree, when you see words like Freundschaftsbezeugung, you immediately want to leave this language alone. In fact, these words are several separate words stuck together. Freundschaft is “friendship” and bezeugen is “confirm”. This is not as alien […]

Methods for teaching pronunciation in foreign languages

Pronunciation hebrew to english is one of the most time-consuming tasks not only for the student, but also for the teacher. And I must say that this task is often also very thankless: the ratio of time and effort, on the one hand, and the result, on the other, almost equally depend mainly on the […]

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