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Translation of geographical names

The first part of the problem of translating geographical names is the chaotic nature in which almost everything in the world has its own name. For thousands of years, cultures and languages ​​and translate english to french have developed more or less in isolation, and the peoples of the world have given their own names […]

Proofreading. Price

Any translation including nepali to english must be completed with a thorough review by the author of the work. However, for a high-quality result, the translation text must be proofread by at least one more person. It is best if proofreading is done by a native speaker. This is done in order to detect and […]

Literary translation and its features

Among the many types of translation, including english to arabic, each of which has certain features, ways of presenting the text, and the like (for example, legal, technical, medical translation requires clarity, official style, accuracy), literary translation is distinguished by the presence of a huge number of features. That is why it is worthwhile to […]

Translation typesetting

I do not need to explain what “translation” and “api translation” is. Everyone knows what it means. But what is the concept of “typesetting translations” is worth to understand. Translation layout refers to bringing the translated text, drawings, graphs and drawings to the required format. Naturally, the formatting process takes place in full agreement with […]

English Holidays

All nations have their own national holidays, traditions and customs that are unique to their culture and api translation. Holiday events are loved by the inhabitants of each country, they prepare for them, wait for them eagerly, celebrate with pleasure and regret to part until the next year. English holidays are an integral part of […]

English from scratch: how to start successful learning

In the modern world, the importance of knowing English is undeniable, so more and more people want to master this language. At the same time, many beginners who have never studied English before get lost in the variety of methods and textbooks. In this article we are going to tell you which English textbook to […]

How can I get my child excited about learning English?

As you know, many children learn English (as well as other foreign languages) for the sake of a good grade or because “Mom said so. However, in order to get better results, the child himself must want to know the language. Even though children are much better at absorbing information and remembering it faster, they […]

How is British English different from American English?

English is considered to be one of the most popular languages in the world. It is the native language for more than 400 million people on our planet and at least 1 billion people can speak English fluently. Of course, because of cultural differences and various historical events, dialects have emerged. Surely you’ve heard about […]

English by Skype: advantages and disadvantages of the method

The modern man does not always have time to attend foreign language courses. Innovative technologies allow you to improve your knowledge without leaving home. Many people prefer to learn English via Skype. Is such approach effective? What points to pay attention to? Find out the answers to these questions right now. The advantages of learning […]

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