I do not need to explain what “translation” and “api translation” is. Everyone knows what it means. But what is the concept of “typesetting translations” is worth to understand.

Translation layout refers to bringing the translated text, drawings, graphs and drawings to the required format. Naturally, the formatting process takes place in full agreement with the source document. That is, after layout you get a document that mirrors the source, but with the text translated into another language.

Translation layout is divided into two types:

1. Full typesetting by means of ios app translation. This type provides full typesetting of the text, which is already translated into the desired language, in specially designed programs. This can be such publishing programs as Adobe Illustrator or Ventura Publisher.

2. Make-up of graphic objects. With this type of layout all graphical objects remain unchanged. But captions accompanying these objects are translated into the desired language. Location of both graphics and titles remains the same as in the original document. Graphical object means an image that is entered in text in the form of MSWord, MSExcel, MSPowerPoint. In addition, it can be a diagram in MSVisio , as well as an AutoCAD drawing.

When translating technical documents it is very important to keep all the initial parameters. This is necessary to avoid any future misunderstandings about how to differentiate between the source and target languages. When you need to translate a document containing diagrams or schemes, it is better to make the make-up in a specialized translation company where this work will be done by professionals.

Layout service is in demand when you need to translate website, drawings, schemes, instructions, catalogs, brochures. It is also demanded when translating presentations, because translating a presentation is necessary to adhere to all the options (color, images) specified by the source.

If you want to make a translation layout, it does not mean you have to first ask for help from translators, who will translate the text, and then look for specialists in the make-up of this translation. In the translation agency, the text will not only be translated, but also formatted by professionals. By the way, often the text translation done in a translation agency, is already partially formatted. Such a document does not require complex layout.

Typically, the layout of the translated text begins only after the customer makes the final approval of the translation of the source text. Such a sequence is convenient, because it makes it possible to create a work schedule. In addition, corrections to the typeset text are not likely to be made. This means that all work will be completed on time.